Hey beautiful people, how long has it been since my last post?! Okay don’t answer that, I have a valid reason for my silence and lack of posting.

I’m writing my first cookbook!

Imagine that!

I’m over the moon in excitement because this has really been a dream of mine for the longest time. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that the book will be about breakfast recipes and a morning devotional all in one.


At first I thought it couldn’t be done, but God has been laying so much on my heart and giving me so many recipe ideas to put in it and I cannot wait for you guys to see it once its done. 

Stay posted to my pages for more details about the release date and where to get it once it’s out. I’d truly appreciate all of your prayers and support. The response has already been overwhelming so far and I am too grateful for how much this blog has grown.

Now back to what this post is about. DISCOUCHER!

A couple of weeks ago, I could hardly stop myself from talking about this book and I guess am not done. After all I still have over 100 discount vouchers to use before December the 30th.

The hubby and I decided to go for brunch on Sunday at a place that we’ve been meaning to visit for the longest time, Tinroof Cafe. 

The last time we were there, they were closed since they only open from 8:30 to 5:30 pm and we got there past 6. Believe me when I say, I was disappointed but I knew we’d go another day when we found time. So we got in the car yesterday and went to the Souk branch opposite the Hub, Karen. Once again, we found it closed but this time, we were informed that it was closed for renovations the whole month. (So please don’t try that one this month) Luckily enough, they have another branch in Karen opposite Kenya School of Law at Langata links, and thank goodness it was open.

I must say it was worth the wait and all the disappointment because it exceeded all of our expectations.

It was an intimate and quirky place, in my husbands words, “it was like having lunch in someones backyard.”

The decor was a mixture of African elements, i.e the Mabati roof with a rustic-flowery cozy theme. 

The service was quite good and our waiter Jaspar attended very willingly to our every need.

We were also extremely glad that we got the chance to pay only half of our bill because of using a discoucher voucher. We had one free main course when a main course of equal or greater value is bought, meaning hubbys meal was completely free. The prices of everything on the menu were surpassingly good ranging form 350 for pancakes to 1100 for a main. 

I had the chicken, avo and mayo sandwich and hubby had the lemon and thyme chicken breast. Did I mention that they serve everything with a salad. BEST SALADS EVER and you can quote me on that. They literally give you a selection of three to four salads with your meal. We also had the hibiscus tea pot and a latte because of the cold weather and nutella and banana pancakes with authentic maple syrup. Sooooo good!

I honestly can’t wait to go back especially since I have another voucher for the same place.

If you would like to purchase the book, you can get it on the link below. it retails for only 2000 bob and has 144 discount vouchers to restaurants, salons and hotels all over Kenya and it is valid for a whole calendar year. Pretty awesome right!? 

I’ve only used it in three restaurants so far but I already have over 5000 Ksh in savings!! Yes imagine that! If my words haven’t convinced you enough, I sure hope these pictures will 😉

























We had a little visitor 😉





Just look at those salads!









rsz_tinroof_22A whole 1100 was deducted from our bill. I can’t get used to these discounts!!



Hope you’ve enjoyed the post, for more info on discoucher, check out my two previous reviews on the links below:

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Have a happy new week.