Hands up if you had a lovely brunch yesterday! 

I have officially found new meaning for my Sundays. Is there really anything better than good food and even better conversation with a good friend?! I think not.

Mine was spent at the Urban eatery in Westlands. I loved that we could order from their breakfast menu even past 12 o clock as opposed to most places where you can’t have breakfast past 11 am. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have mimosas (which are the ultimate brunch drinks) on their menu, but I had the most refreshing raspberry mocktail to cover for that. 

We ordered an egg pizza with extra sausage, belgian waffles with fruit, and an omelette. I loved that most of the meals come with a basket of toast on the side and a few spreads. And nothing beats the ambience and decor at this place.

How did you guys spend your Sunday? 

Happy New week 🙂