Hey guys, hands up if you had two pizzas for dinner but only paid for one!?!

Yap that was the hubby and I last night.

We drove all the way to Karen to a small bar and bistro called Que Pasa, spanish for “whats up?”

When we walked in, all we could see were high stools and and a large screen so we figured it was more of a bar than a restaurant, until we saw the cutest little “nook” area at the top, overlooking the whole place with couches and comfy low chairs set at a dining table. 

No crowds. Just us. Perfect for the pizzas that we were about to devour in private. Lol

So we climbed the steps, ordered drinks, presented our discoucher book in advance and waited for the waiter to confirm with his superior that our means of payment would be cash and  a voucher. After a few minutes and zero issues, we were good to go. We made our order, the fiesta pizza for me and a meaty one for the hubs plus some potato wedges on the side.

The pizza was good especially the fiesta one with chicken, bacon and avocado plus we only got to pay for one, so that was a #winwin!

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I’m just here wondering where this book has been all my life. Lol














This is like the new currency in town 🙂 Plus we still have one more voucher for Que pasa left to go! 



We were too stuffed to finish so we carried the leftovers.

Another day, another voucher.

Do tag me when you get/use your copy or use the hashtag #THEULTIMATEDEAL.

Looking forward to seeing Nairobi painted green and white with discouchers in every hand cause then again, who doesn’t like a good deal. No catch! Just the joys of experiencing more for less.