Good morning beautiful people. 

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to be finally sharing this post with you guys.

This is for all the people who love eating out without breaking the bank.

This is for all the people who rush to any “buy one, get one free deals.”  

Kenyans you know yourselves! Terrific Tuesday is already a sort of tradition in most Kenyan households! LOL 

So imagine if I told you that I knew of a way where you could spend 2000 Ksh on a certain book and get 300,000 Ksh worth of savings.

CRAZY right?!

“How Jasmine, that sounds impossible!”

Well what if I told you that I’ve already started enjoying such deals and I possibly can’t keep them to myself.

You think I’m joking? Well I’ll have you know hubby and I saved a whole 2500 Ksh last night during one of our weekly date nights.

Yes you heard right! 2,500/=

All because of Discoucher, Kenya’s first book of discount vouchers.  

I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this book!

The coolest thing is that it is valid throughout the whole year.  That’s a whole 6 months left to enjoy these deals! 

It has a wide selection 0f restaurants where you can dine at and save money while at it. At some places you can even get a free cocktail upon purchasing a main course. Or a free dessert when you purchase two main courses. Free pizza upon purchasing one. THE LIST GOES ON…..

Our deal was that of a free main course upon purchasing one main course at Pampa. So hubby’s meal was pretty much FREE and since we had the buffet which is valid at 2500, he didn’t pay a cent for his meal.

To top all that, Discoucher is not just limited to restaurants. 

There is also a selection of hotels all over Kenya where you can pay for one night or three nights and get a night free. It all depends on the voucher for the selected hotel. 

Plus that’s not all, you can even get a free full body massage, or a free facial, or even a free hair cut for the fellows, upon certain purchases, depending on the voucher and establishment. 

So all you have to do is read the terms and conditions on various places and enjoy the deals using your vouchers!

PLUS! I am not done yet *Drum roll please*

For this week only, you can get the book at a special #CookingwithJaz50% off discount at only 1000 bob using the link below. That is 1000 bob for over 300,000 Ksh in savings! Nowhere else but here!


*Drops Mic*

Well, if my words haven’t convinced you enough, perhaps these pictures will.






There was quite a variety of salads









Potato and cassava fries



Polenta which is kinda like ugali

Also we ate so much meat. About 9 different cuts to be exact from a lamb shoulder, sirloin beef, pork ribs, chicken to crocodile meat.












Grilled pineapple with cinnamon and sugar



This was the voucher I used to pay and I still have one more for the same restaurant



See how they only charged us one “rodizio” (buffet)



I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to use up all my vouchers from today hence forth.

I think I’ve also found the perfect gift to share with my friends on special occasions.

Also you can tag me or use the hashtag #THEULTIMATEDEAL when you use your vouchers for me to know you’re enjoying your deals like I am.

Have a good day y’all