Hey guys, 

Raise your burgers in the air like you just don’t care! #Nairobiburgerfest is finally here! 

First of all, let me start by saying that I am loving all the feedback that I am getting from you guys about this new blog. I am absolutely thrilled that you already love it just as much as I do. 

So let the posts continue! This here section is where I will be writing reviews about certain restaurants, events or deals and sharing my experience with the aim that you guys may also follow suit and try some of these places/things out. 

Now back to the #Burgerfest, it was only right that I started by sharing about an awesome and very anticipated event in Nairobi, that everyone has been waiting for since we started seeing all the buzz on social media.


There was no way that I was missing out on this one, especially since I had missed out on #NRW this year, aka Nairobi restaurant week. So the hubby picked me up from work and we decided to hit News cafe at Sarit centre for the burgers.

News cafe is one of our favourite places right now. Great ambience, quick service, diverse menu and good portions. Also I am kinda in love with their cherry spritzer sangria. We had planned to have only two burgers (one each) especially since we were getting two for the price of one until we looked around and saw everyone having two burgers each on their plates. Goodness, am I the only one who changes my order simply by seeing what the person on the table next is having. (Comment below if you can relate) 

Any who in a few minutes, well lets just say about 10 min max, our waitress showed up with our burgers. Like these guys don’t play when it comes to service. Hubby got his burgers with a greek salad and I got mine with fries (NEWS CAFE FRIES ARE ERR’THANG- you can quote me on that)


The burgers were huge and so flavor-ful. He got the big…..(I forget the name of the burger) but it had avocado, bacon and mushrooms and I got the classic cheese burger. For the #Burgerfest deal, you can order any burger on the menu with a side, and you get their original Bbq burger as a second burger (with no side) absolutely free! Hows that for a deal! Their burgers range from about 900 bob upwards, so two for that price with a side is a pretty good steal especially coming from News cafe, since their food is on another level!


Also we actually had to carry the extra burgers home since we were too full to eat both. Like I said, these guys know how to give a good portion.



So you guys need to head over to any of the participating restaurants before the #Nairobiburgerfest is over in a few days, precisely 5th June. You can check out the full list of restaurants on eatoutkenya or on their instagram/facebook page.