Hello beautiful people, 

I know I know, I haven’t been posting. So how about I share these awesome deals to make up for the silence.

If you’re like me, you love a good deal. Nothing makes me happier than a good bargain or getting more value than what I paid for. 

SOOOOO you can imagine how happy I was when Tune Hotel posted about their 1 year anniversary deal. The deal was/is spending a night at 1000 bob only per person. So if you’re two, its 2000 bob only, for you and yours. YESSSS!!! 2k only to spend a night in a great hotel located in Westlands.  If you recall they had this same deal when they opened up a year ago but I missed it then. Tune hotel is a budget hotel meaning they have all the 3-4 star amenities at an extremely reasonable price. Their normal prices range from 7000-9000 Ksh per night which is still pretty good if you compare to the 16k and above that you pay in the hotels in the same area. 

So if you need a simple stay-cation with your hubby/wife without leaving town and spending too much, this is for you. The offer is running till the 31st of this month.

You can book it here.

Remember to use the promo code: TUNEPLUSONE to get the 995 per person deal.



Then to top it all off, we had our Discoucher book with us which had a “buy one main course, get another free” at Utamu Restaurant which is also at Tune Hotel. Talk about being lucky! So our dinner which was could have cost us 2900 cost us 1900 instead. A whole 1000 bob deducted because of our voucher.

Y’all know how much I love Discoucher, check out some of the other deals I have enjoyed with it on my reviews. So after a hearty  meal, we went off to sleep in our room upstairs. Talk about convenience!  The great thing is that this year’s Discoucher book also has deals for so many restaurants in the same area, so we could have opted from about 5 other choices with the same, “buy 1 get one free dinner” deal.  

The cool thing is that even the couple sitted next to us were using a discoucher book. This book is a must have!

You can get it here.


Fast forward to the next morning, and waking up to the best shower ever!!!! You can quote me on that! Tune wasn’t playing when they put in those showers! So powerful and the hot water pressure was EVERYTHING! We got ready, checked out and left to have breakfast elsewhere. Mind you, if we had wanted breakfast at Tune, it would have only cost us 1K per person for a buffet. Since we weren’t in the mood for a buffet type setting, we opted to go to the Arbor on James Gichuru road. An uber later, we were sitted in their beautiful garden having an english breakfast. We have been on ngwaches and oatmeal for the last couple of weeks, so we both craved the full english breakfast, eggs, bacon and beans and all! I had mine with a herbal hibiscus tea and an extra shot of lemon juice and hubby had the strawberry lemonade. 

NOW you might be asking why we went all the way to the arbor, well guess what! I also have discount vouchers for breakfast in my cookbook, Breakfast with the King. Yap that’s right!

Imagine  “buying one breakfast and getting another free” at Tinroof in Karen, and another voucher for the same deal at the arbor. So hubby’s breakfast was absolutely free!!! 

If you want to enjoy the same deal, plus learning how to cook 70 breakfast recipes, plus a 10 day devotional, you can get my book here.

Delivery is free in Nairobi and outside Nairobi/ Kenya at a small fee.

So imagine that, 3 deals for the ultimate couple treat!

So let’s look at all the above once more. Dinner for two, a night in good hotel plus breakfast in a great restaurant all at a deal each. Meaning all this could have potentially cost me 13,500 Ksh (8500 hotel+ 2900 dinner+ 2100 breakfast) but I paid 5200 Ksh. (2000 hotel +1900 dinner+ 1300 breakfast)

Talk about LOVE ON A BUDGET. 

If you’re looking to treat your loved one to a lil something without breaking the bank, then this is for you!

You can thank me later 🙂

Tag me on your pictures or use the hashtag #loveonabudget to let me know when you will enjoy these deals yourself. 

Love, Jaz