Hey beautiful people! 

I write this post with a lot of excitement. Most of you guys have already seen all my pictures on my social media handles. (Sorry for blowing up your timelines by the way)  It’s just been such an answered prayer to see this finally come to pass. 

Breakfast with the King is finally out! After a good 6 months of cooking, shooting, designing, editing and printing, and another 2 months of shipping and clearance. 8 full months and it is here! 

I cry just thinking about God’s faithfulness! All I have is immense gratitude in my heart. At first, I was so frustrated with “the wait.” I couldn’t understand why something so precious to me was being held from me. I coudn’t understand why my promise was taking so long. I couldn’t understand why God knew how much I wanted this and why He was still delaying this process. Then I felt convicted that I needed to stop grumbling and complaining and just wait well. I needed to stop telling everyone how frustrated I was and I needed to trust that God had a plan even in the delay. 

Then two weeks ago, I got the call. The books were here. And not just in the country, like they had been for weeks, but available to be delivered to me. I was in shock. I remembered all the years of not knowing my purpose. All the years of crying out to God for something. All the years of selling spares and working in the family business , 6 to be exact, and now I was on the 7th one. I remember asking God what my diploma in culinary arts was for. Why He would allow me to study something I loved and then have me working in something completely different for years. I was grateful for my job yet I was lacking a sense of purpose since I was pushing some one else dream and not my own. 

That day most of my questions were answered. And not the answers where everything just makes sense all of a sudden. But the type of answers that just shut down the questions. You stop wondering why, and just start to thank God instead, simply because He knows best. That day I learned that sometimes we don’t need answers, we just need to know God is sovereign in everything. He knows what we need, and when we need it, and He saw that the delay was necessary. Patience needed to have its full work in me. I needed to learn how to wait well. It’s interesting how much we can fail at the same lesson. Thank God He is gracious enough to give us time and teach us every single time. 

May the following pictures testify of His faithfulness. May the following pictures show you that anything is possible. May this prove to you that God holds our dreams and desires in His hands even in spite of how much time has gone by. May this encourage you to trust Him to eliminate all your fears, to leap out in faith, and to destroy all your excuses. That 9-5’s are not a reason to postpone your dreams, but that God can use them to fund your calling. That we need to stop treating our passions as hobbies and treat them more like professions. That we need to trust God to give us His dreams and trust that He is powerful and able enough to fulfill them. 

Lastly, that there is a need to stop operating from our feelings and to remind ourselves that we shall be accountable to God for everything we do or do not do. He placed giftings in all of us, and so many people die without walking in their God-given purpose. So many people live their lives in jobs they hate. So many people are unhappy or too scared to take any step towards their God-dreams. Like the parable of the talents, I didn’t want to be the servant who buried his gift. 

So friends, take a step, any step at all. Small or big and trust that God can finish what He started. Be reminded that as much as God gives us the gift, we must also put in work. Favour doesn’t mean you won’t work. Having vision is just the beginning, the work is real and it is hard my friends. Yet trust that God can give you a spirit of excellence to not only work hard but to work well.  

I am far from where I want to be, but I am thankful for not being where I used to be. So thank you for all your support. You guys don’t even know how much you “believing in me” means. I have put a lot of work in this. Quality wasn’t compromised in this process. I needed something good for you guys to keep in your homes, to pass on to family, something with international standards. I am thankful that the final product is just that, hearing from all your feedback.

Also shout out to all the 250 people who came out to the brunch. Shout out to my partners/ sponsors Healthy U, Broadways and Bio milk. Thank you to Discoucher for not only coming out but by also helping with the vouchers we have in the book. Thank you to all the volunteers and the team that helped put the brunch together. You truly can’t do it alone. 

If you had not pre-ordered the book, you can get it here. Plus I’m doing free deliveries in Nairobi and outside of Nairobi at an extra fee. Hurry and make your order before the books run out.





 Decor from Exquisite events by you and Purple Tulips, all brought together by Idea Jabali.






Ken tha Deejay. Thank you bro


Thank you for everything Healthy U.


Thank you for coming out Broadways Bakery.

Best juice in the city from my supplier Moraa (0770 901 109)

As always, thank you Bio foods.

Thank you for coming out Discoucher.


Homemade pastries


Omelettes as you watch.


















Moz leading us in prayer.

Dann and Kagiri, the best macs. They had everyone in stitches.






Webi serenaded us with songs from his latest album.

Alice Kimanzi went in! Thank you for the lovely worship.





Two of my closest friends, Sheila and Kavee, sharing about my journey. Love you Both. 

Thank you for sharing on purpose Pastor Tonny G



Books were signed. Too many for me to post here. Thank you everyone 


My amazing volunteers! Thank you

Thank You Becky for helping us put all this together. 

The day was an absolute success. Lots of laughter,food and bonding! Can’t wait to share all the projects I have in this season. That day truly wasn’t enough and I would love to see you all again soon. Stay tuned for more details on media, mall and church tours.

Love, Jaz