Hi, My name is Jasmine Macharia and welcome to my kitchen. I love cooking just about anything depending on my current mood. I reside in a leafy green area in Nairobi with my husband Gee Gee and hopefully in a little while, “a kitten perhaps” (Directed towards husband)

I loved cooking ever since I was ten and I basically taught myself how to do it through watching my mum and cooking shows on T.V. As a teen I also enjoyed writing and watching Victorian-old British films. Once the Internet became a sensation, I’d spend hours in a cyber café downloading recipes and trying them out for my family and friends. It then dawned on me that I was extremely passionate not only about literature but about food, so I decided to pursue it in my studies.

After graduating high school at just 15 years old, I started planning my move to Europe. I was only 17 years old when I moved to Spain to study culinary arts and restaurant management in the IES escola d’hoteleria i turisme in Cambrils. Living in Spain was a completely new experience for me and everything was different, from the culture to the language and the food. It is here that I got to learn how to speak Spanish and Catalan, how to eat shrimp and seafood, how to bake croissants, how to sharpen a kitchen knife and my culinary skills in the process.

After 3 years I graduated with a diploma and while I thought I would move to Barcelona to pursue a career as a sous chef with little to no social life because of the demanding hours, my life took a completely different turn. 2010 was a significant year for me. That was the year I found Jesus Christ and felt led to move back home to Kenya to help run the family business.

Although my 9 to 5 was/is not food related, it is through this blog that I found my outlet. I love how I can combine both my love for food and writing together in one place.

Over the years I have noticed that every time I post a picture of my food online, I always get asked for recipes and cooking lessons. Well here is where I can show you all how I do it and how extremely easy it is to make those meals you see on magazines.

Join me as I cook, review, travel and share my little world with you.

Enjoy J